Throwback Thursday

In this section, you will discover RTL's rich history. Our first story comes from Paris: what was Edith Piaf’s favourite hobby apart from singing and what would it have to do with the history of RTL Group?


Musical patterns

Famous French singer Edith Piaf is patiently knitting while her husband Jacques Pills records in the studio located in rue Bayard in Paris.

The photo dates from the Radio Luxembourg season 1952/53, where every Sunday evening Edith Piaf and her husband Jacques Pills hosted a programme called La rue aux chansons. The radio programme’s song of the same name is also a song from Edith Piaf. The programme was produced by Programmes de France, a production company of Radio Luxembourg.


Radio Luxembourg archives
Photo shared with Backstage readers by our colleague Laurent Marsick, Service culture / médias / jeunesse, RTL Radio (France)

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