Backstage is RTL Group’s intranet, providing all staff with quick and easy access to Group-wide information and tools and stimulating exchange within the Group.


What's new about Backstage?

The new Backstage:

  • is available to all RTL Group employees;
  • can be consulted from anywhere: at work as usual, but also at home or on a business trip;
  • publishes news every day in three languages: English, French and German;
  • offers multimedia content and photo galleries with images of current events;
  • is a central point for information and services;
  • is clearly structured and has a responsive, user-friendly design;
  • contains daily newsletter about RTL Group’s businesses and updates;
  • provides information on training and career opportunities within the Group.


Do I have to register as a user?

Registration is only possible for RTL Group employees. If you are an RTL Group employee, you are strongly encouraged to register as it will give you access to exclusive content.


Which features, information and services are only available to registered users?

  • Communities for closed user groups
  • The Corporate Centre (headquarters) organisation chart
  • HR-related and people-related information
  • Information about our compliance and ethics guidelines
  • New about the European Works Council


How do I register?

It takes about a minute to register. Simply click on ‘register’ and follow the instructions.

  1. Click the register button (on top to the right side or here).
  2. Enter your e-mail address and further details if required.
  3. By return, you will receive an e-mail with a link.
  4. Click on that link.
  5. That's it. You now have access to all the information and services provided by Backstage.


Who runs Backstage?

The RTL Group Communications & Marketing department is your first point of contact regarding Backstage content. If you have any questions or technical problems, please e-mail

Last, but not least, feedback: if you feel something is missing from Backstage or you have an idea for an article, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

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